Developer Superbright announced that In Death: Unchained is about to get a significant update. The free DLC entitled Siege of Heaven will arrive on December 8th and features a new wave defense mode which can be played alternatively to the main game loop.

Superbright’s CEO Wojtek Podgorski had this to say about the upcoming update: “it’s a fully-featured game-within-a-game, with shorter more ‘snackable’ session times, where players can have fun shooting for fifteen minutes from a safe stationary position and enjoy the game’s beautiful visuals and arguably VR’s best archery mechanics”.

In Death is a VR rougelite that launched to critical praise back in 2018 and made a successful transition to the Quest this last July. Titled In Death: Unchained, this wireless version of the game already has over a thousand ratings and 600 plus reviews with a 4.8 average score on the Oculus store. A Quest 2 update launched earlier this month with improvements for both Quest 1 and 2 along with improved visuals for the newest Quest headset.