If you have perused the Oculus Quest Subreddit lately, then you already know that happy Questers have moved on from posting pictures of their Quest 2 boxes and are now sharing post after post featuring their broken Elite Straps. And it’s not just Reddit. A quick check through the reviews from wherever the Elite Strap is sold will reveal plenty of sad Quest owners with cracked or broken straps. Many of them after only days of use.

I’ve been using the Elite Strap since launch with both an Anker battery pack (that I had previously used on my original Quest) attached to the back, and my own velcro strap fashioned across the top to redistribute the headset’s weight from my face to the top of my head. The battery as a counterweight isn’t as necessary as it was on the original but I do love the extra battery time. And while my ‘halo’ style strap modification was an absolute necessity for me to use the Quest 1 due to the weight, the Quest 2 is much lighter and it isn’t really needed. I’ve decided to keep using it, however. It makes a comfortable headset even better, especially if you are as big of a fan of the ‘halo’ style strap as I am. Even with daily use and these two modifications, my elite strap is crack free. But how much longer will I be able to say that?

Most of the cracks appear to start from the bottom, somewhere in the thin part of the plastic on either side. I’m no engineer (much to my mom’s chagrin) but it makes sense to assume that lifting the headset from your head with the tension still tight could create some stress in this area of the headset. I will admit that I have used each of these broken straps as a reminder to always use the dial at the back to completely loosen the tension before removing the headset. Until I saw this nightmare unfold over on Reddit, after each VR session I would casually twist the headset off of my head like some kind of neanderthal. Coming from The PSVR to the OG Quest, to this, I assumed any strap would handle such behavior. Especially one dubbed “elite”. It appears not.

A quick look at the Oculus store will show you that both the Elite Strap and Elite Strap with the built-in battery are currently unavailable. We have zero confirmation that this is related to a sudden surge of busted straps, but one would have to assume it’s no coincidence. Of course, all of the unfortunate gamers with cracked or broken head straps can temporarily use the original cloth strap while Oculus works to replace all of the broken Elite Straps under warranty, it’s still unfortunate. As I mentioned, with both versions of the Elite Strap currently unavailable, let’s hope this means that Oculus is hard at work redesigning the apparent weakness of their not-so-elite strap.