With The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners out now for Oculus Quest and the newly released Oculus Quest 2, now is about as good a time as any to compare the most popular zombie game across the three most affordable and popular VR headsets. Chance are that most of you are playing this on a PSVR or a Quest, so how does it compare? Is there a clear winner? Not really, as all versions have their pros and cons.

On PSVR, we’re afforded higher-quality graphics, with the trade-off being a lower resolution and awkward PS Move-based controls. On the Quest and Quest 2, we get a cleaner presentation thanks to the higher resolution screens, with the Quest 2 taking things even further with its improved panel. The controls are better placed on the Quest headsets, too, though the world lacks the same deep detail found in the PSVR version.

Check out the video up above to see a quick comparison between the three versions, as well as some extended gameplay from PSVR and Oculus Quest down below.