Phantom: Covert Ops New Trailer is All About David Hayter’s Villain

Oculus and nDreams have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming stealth-action game Phantom: Covert Ops, which will release on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest on June 25th.

The latest trailer features none other than David Hayter, who stealth gaming fans will recognise from the Metal Gear Solid series. He’s making a return to games as the bad guy in Phantom: Covert Ops, and this trailer is all about him being an evil dude, complete with a dodgy accent.

It’s worth a watch and it gives us a little more gameplay to look over, but man, June 25th may only be next month, but it feels like a lifetime away.

About Phantom: Covert Ops

Dispatched into hostile wetlands with your tactical kayak, you are armed with military weapons and equipment to evade and neutralize the enemy threat. Make the call to engage and eliminate your targets, or infiltrate unnoticed from the shadows.


Move freely in your military kayak. Experience innovative on-water VR traversal to stealthily paddle through hostile locations.


Experience the tension of becoming a lethal military asset. From dragging your paddle through water to quietly taking aim with your rifle, everything is driven by your movement to deliver new levels of immersion.


How you plan and execute missions is up to you. Move silently across water, sneak through reeds and beneath walkways, or ambush hostiles in exhilarating combat. Available June 25, 2020

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