Virtual Battlegrounds Early Access Release Dated for April 15th

Cyberdreams has announced that its upcoming Early Access release for Virtual Battlegrounds will now be April 15th, after originally being planned for earlier. However, due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the release was slightly delayed.

Now, Virtual Battlegrounds will be available on Steam as an Early Access game on April 15th. If you want to bookmark the store page or add the game to your wishlist, you can do so on Steam here.

Virtual Battleground is exactly what it sounds like – PUBG, but in VR. However, rather than it being 100 players duking it out to be crowned the winner, matches are limited to 24 players. You’ll still be able to play solo or in teams, and there are a wealth of options to customise the game to your liking.

Key Features

Gunplay – Physics-based weapons, lots of guns, ballistics, and an attachment system.

Big Matches – 24 player battle royale with hopes to support more in the future.

Physical Locomotion – Swim, climb, sprint, jump, zipline, slide with physically controlled locomotion.

Epic Map – Every nook and cranny of a 4 square KM crafted map for this game.

Squads, and Solo Mode– Battle on your own or with friends.

Other Notable Features

  • Spatial Voice Chat.
  • Liv Support.
  • Full body IK System.
  • BOTS.
  • Killhouse / Shooting Range.
  • Private Lobbies.
  • Competitive Modes (Ranked/ELO System)
  • Majority vote based public lobby system
  • In-game YouTube Videos.
  • Gunstock Calibration Tools.
  • Left / Right Hand Support.
  • Seated Mode. Many other comfort options. (No teleportation)
  • Basketball. (seriously)
  • Punch people to death. (Also seriously)

Source: Twitter

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