CyberDream brings out the best of the Battle Royale genre and twists the death match formula into a raucous Virtual Reality fragfest with the upcoming launch of Virtual Battlegrounds(VBG) on April 8th, 2020.  Climb anything, blind fire corners, dual wield weapons, melee combat your enemies, evade harasser drones at the zone, slide to cover, zipline across the map… it’s something special in the dawning age of multiplayer fps VR. Jump into this island world in the Open Beta later this week with any of the supported hardware, Oculus Rift, Rift S, Quest (via Link cable only), HTC Vive, various WMP headsets, and Valve Index.

VBG is a military sim style Battle Royale in the PUBG vein, with all of the latest VR features and physical locomotion available in new VR games in 2020. This includes custom lobbies for everyone, fully integrated LIV and OpenVR software support, as well as many quality of life features for content creators and anyone wanting to stream/record the game.  For those training for BR Victory, and for those who prefer single player and co-op modes, VBG has solved the BR genre pitfall, with six different singleplayer and co-op modes focused on strengthening the skillsets of the VR warrior.

Battle Royale modes have solo, squad and custom private lobby options, and to prepare the VR warrior for the royale there are six other game modes available to train all of the component parts of the VR fps shooter. From the basic basketball court, through to firing ranges, shoot-house training, PvE bot modes, PvPvE BR training for squad modes, and a multiplayer CQC arena, players can build in to beast mode to hone the skills needed to conquer all and claim victory in this new world of Virtual Reality battles.

Flexible in design to allow gamers to enjoy their VR gaming sessions as they prefer, the options available for locomotion, aiming, freelook, interactions and everything else have been tweaked, tested, reconfigured, expanded, play tested and otherwise put through the paces for almost two years since first shown to the public in July 2018.

Since last shown in public in July 2019 at the GuardianCon convention to support the St. Judes Charity fundraiser, the team rebuilt large parts of the world, optimized everything, rebuilt the UI/UX, added training and arena modes, added Index and Quest Link support, and most importantly introduced a physical based weapon interaction system.

The studio is founded and operated by Sean Pinnock, formerly of the EA Orlando office (home of the Madden franchise). Sean alongside other ex-EA and ex-Blizzard programmers have shepherded the team of recent graduates of UCF, FullSail and other Florida and Georgia GameDev and engineering universities, in the production of Virtual Battlegrounds.  Building out a best of breed battle royale game design, leading the evolution of virtual reality first person shooter game development, through slow and steady iteration, has forged a new contender in the competitive VR gaming genre.

Virtual Battlegrounds will be available on Steam and the official website.  Players can purchase the game for USD$20 and regional equivalents.