ANTI AIR Enters Steam Early Access With a New Trailer

Amsterdam-based developer PostBeta has released its VR defence shooter, ANTI AIR, onto Steam’s Early Access today, and to celebrate the game’s quasi-release, the developer has also put out a new trailer.

ANTI AIR is, according to the developer, a VR homage to retro gaming. Remember missile defence? ANTI AIR is that but in VR. What could go wrong? Not much, hopefully, but we’ll see as the Early Access reviews start to come in from curious players. Bear in mind, though, that Early Access means the game is still in development, so any problems you may or may not have should be fed back to the developer so the end release is a better experience for everyone.

You can get ANTI AIR for PCVR via Steam on Early Access here.

About ANTI AIR: The Cubicon Conjunction

The game is a VR homage to the best of retro gaming. It invites you to descent into battle on distant planets and combat the Alien invasion called the Cubicon Conjunction. Use your weaponry to blast these invaders from the sky before they crash onto your base. How many space Cubicons will you take down?

Envisioned features for after Early Access:

  • Campaign mode
  • Arcade mode with leaderboard
  • Survive all kind of incoming enemy waves
  • Multiple bosses
  • Various weapons & enemies
  • Seated and room-scale VR
  • Multiple retro cube-style environments
  • Containing both casual and 360 degrees fast-action-paced gameplay

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