Full Throttle, Latest Scene for Pistol Whip Available Now

The latest level – or scene as they are called here – from Cloudhead Games’ VR rhythm shooter Pistol Whip is available now. Like all of the post-release updates for the smash-hit game it’s completely free of charge. The track is called Full Throttle from artists Lektrique and Midnight CVLT. Check out the teaser up above.

Along with the new scene, they also included some new customization options such as gun wraps, metals, sounds, and a new Tac Ops pistol collection. Adding to an already impressive list of modifiers, the largest update so far for Pistol Whip brings with it two more game modifiers to keep things interesting. The first is Scavenger and it may be the most unique addition yet. You’ll need to pistol-whip an enemy to reload your weapon. While the Scavenger modifier ups the difficulty, the second modifier – One-and-Done – makes the game a bit easier. It eliminates enemy armor, meaning each bad guy drops with a single shot.

The update is live now, so check it out. But beware, Cloudhead Games says Full Throttle is the toughest scene yet.

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