Crisis VRigade Gets Co-Op Mode on Quest Via SideQuest

Crisis VRigade is a Time Crisis inspired VR shooter that puts you in the shoes of swat trooper in the middle of a terrorist takeover. After being denied by FaceBook, developer Sumalab took the tough-as-nails shooter to SideQuest where you can download the game for free. Previously, the co-op mode was only available on Steam with PSVR to come later.

After the Quest gatekeepers at Facebook denied them a space on the Quest storefront for a second time, Sumalab took the updated version back to Sidequest, where users can sideload the game from their PC. It’s a simple process and is worth it as Crisis VRigade is a blast to play on the Quest. Since the game and the updated co-op version is free, the Spain-based development team is asking for community help via the pay-what-you-want Itchio Store Page.

My PurePSVR colleague Chris and I played the co-op version from Steam recently and it made a really fun game even better. If you own a Quest, Crisis VRigade is well worth the money, considering it doesn’t cost a dime. Or better yet, drop by their Itchio Store page and drop them a little something.

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