2MD: VR Football Evolution Gets a Release Date

While most sports leagues and events are going on hiatus due to Covad-19, we may be forced to provide our own sporting entertainment for a while. Enter 2MD: VR Football Evolution, a reimagined and upgraded version of your favorite VR football game. It’s not available yet, but it’s coming soon. April 1, 2020, to be exact, assuming it’s not an April Fools joke. And it better not be an April Fools joke! The three-person team at developer Truant Pixel promises upgraded visuals, new music, different weather effects, and more.

2MD: VR Football was first released back in 2017 on Steam, followed by a version for the PSVR, Oculus Rift, and the Quest. I reviewed the Quest version, which you can read here. The PSVR version features a fantastic head-to-head mode that allows local multiplayer. Sadly, the new VR Football Evolution mode is exclusive to Steam, but it will be free to those who already own that version of the game. I highly recommend you check out the trailer above, which highlights some new features and the highly improved graphics.

The current Steam version of 2MD: VR Football is available now for $12.99 if you want to be ready for the upgrade.

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