Be A Giant in the Latest PSVR PC VR Adventure Good Goliath

Just announced today by Californi-based studio Knocktwice Games, VR Tower Defense game Good Goliath is coming to PSVR and PC VR headsets this spring 2020. Players take on the role of a giant in a fantasy world who is suddenly attacked by hordes of the tiny villagers. No need for swords or any archery skills here. Instead, you’ll catch your enemies (and barrels, pitchforks, etc.) as they’re hurled at you and you throw them back. It’s what giants do, I guess. The tongue is placed firmly in cheek for the debut game from Knocktwice Games as you can see from the trailer above.

Check out these key features:

  • Full Campaign: Fight your way through medieval worlds, oceans overrun with pirates, and the realms of the underworld as you explore nine levels rife with mini and massive bosses. Seek out hidden treasure in order to unlock new sets of whimsically themed hands to customize your experience.
  • Enemies Are Your Ammo: Who needs a sword when you have an angry little villager being thrown at you? Use not only pitchforks and barrels to defend yourself, but catch the tiny humans that launch themselves at you and throw ‘em back! Your ammo is only limited by what or who you can catch. But not everyone is your enemy – keep your eye out for your friendly neighborhood baker floating through levels with some cake to help you get back to tip-top health.
  • Storybook-Style Comical Worlds: Dive into themed biomes, such as Medieval, Pirate, and Hell World, each filled with unique bosses and enemies. The storybook art style appeals to players of all ages.
  • Multi-Staged Bosses: Survive waves of tiny enemies on every level, leading to formidable mini-bosses that include fire-tossing flying witches and boulder throwing giants. Each world culminates in a gigantic standoff against a challenging monstrous boss where you battle creatures even larger than you!
  • Simple, Yet Challenging Gameplay: Kick back and relax while you play; with easy in-game mechanics, you can be a giant sitting or standing! Unlock special objectives, locate secrets in each level, and earn bronze, silver, and gold trophies. Pattern-based gameplay of punching, dodging, catching, and throwing makes the game accessible for players of any level.

The press release specifically mentions PSVR, Oculus, and Vive, but I’m guessing A Quest version isn’t too far behind if the demand is there.

Source: Knocktwice Games press release

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