Out Today: Separation is an Emotional Journey Out Today For PSVR

While developer Recluse Industries released the PSVR exploration game Separation yesterday in the EU, today is the first chance for players here in North America to experience it. If you love your VR adventures bathed in melancholy then this is one you won’t want to miss.

The world of Separation shares a visible resemblance to PS2 cult classic ICO, but Martin Wheeler, the sole developer at Recluse Industries says the story was inspired by the loss of his father:

“Inspired by the struggles I’ve had with feelings of loss and depression; Separation is a journey through a barren landscape of ruin, littered with empty shell-like structures. In its symbolism, the game is seeking a path through grief.”

“We’re too connected at times – calm, solitary experiences are becoming rarer in our crowded space. We need those moments more than ever and Separation might be the virtual retreat needed for urban recluses.”

Separation may not put a smile on your face as you deal with its subject matter but the $14.99 price point should. Give it a try today.


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