Pure PSVR Plays: Week 17

The weekend is about over but it’s never too late blow off whatever responsibilities you have by donning whichever headset you call home for some VR goodness. My colleague Chris and I already spent a couple of hours completing the new co-op mode on Crisis VRigade and it was a freaking blast. If you haven’t tried, I’d recommend checking it out.

Chris Harding

I have no work, no obligations, and distractions at home. I’m playing VR! I’ve been far too sick recently to duck and weave with my headset on, but this weekend I’m gonna go to town on that bad boy. Outward VR is the new go-to shooter for myself and Jez, and I’ve got some smaller games to play thanks to my Vive Infinity subscription. There’s no real plan in place, though I do have a game for review, so I’ll mostly play whatever takes my fancy I’ve not had this freedom since my childhood!

Jeremy Peterson

As I mentioned, the new co-op mode on Crisis VRigade makes the difficult but addicting shooter even more fun. Not to mention a little bit easier. But what is left in life after you rescue President Trump from terrorists? If Chris and I can coordinate our schedules we’ll no doubt venture back to Onward. If I’m left to my own devices, smart money says I’ll be cleaning up a few achievements in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Either way, I win.

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