VR Amusement Park Summer Funland Receives Free Sports Island DLC For PC

If you haven’t played developer Monad Rocks amusement park experience Summer Funland, it is probably what you think it is. A couple of rollercoasters with a ton of carnival-style minigames thrown in. While it may lack the depth some VR veterans are looking for, everything is beautiful to look at and is an admittedly great place for VR newbies to jump in. Now there are a few more activities for you to enjoy.

Sports Island is a free addition to the game that offers a basketball and baseball minigame, plus a basic table tennis experience. You can shoot hoops (no jumping!) or take your turn in a batting practice simulator. The table tennis isn’t going to offer you the experience that some dedicated VR table tennis games can, but if you already own the game, the DLC is free, so you can’t really lose.

In a post on Reddit, the developer said that the PSVR version isn’t quite ready, but it’s already up and running on Steam, Oculus Store, and Viveport.


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