Charming VR Platformer Ven Coming Soon to PC VR and PSVR

I have no idea if Ven VR Adventure can deliver the fun and charm of Astrobot Rescue Mission or Moss, but if the short teaser trailer above is any indication, it’s going to try. According to the Steam page, Ven VR Adventure is a single-player platform game built for virtual reality from the ground up. You happen to meet Ven on his planet, Runnies, invaded by Bruce Nelson, who wants to destroy the surrounding magical world and gain access to energy that can make him virtually immortal. Be the hero to help Ven save his planet from destruction.

First of all, I love that the bad guy is named Bruce Nelson, and I hope it’s the name of a strict teacher or a bully from the game’s creator’s past. That’s probably not true, but it would be pretty cool if it was. To defeat the pure evil that is Bruce Nelson, you’ll embody one character in the first-person while you control tiny Ven from the third-person perspective. It’s the same formula that the aforementioned Astrobot and Moss used to create their fantastic tales.

The developer behind Ven VR Adventure is Monologic Games, an independent studio based in Poland and headed by the former creative director of Racket Fury. Ven VR Adventure is slated to release on both PC VR and PSVR in quarter 2 of 2020. There is no word on whether it will make it’s way to the Quest, but much like Racket Fury, if it’s successful, I think we can expect it eventually. Either way, it looks like a game to keep an eye on.

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