The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Latest Hotfix Adds Physical Crouch and Voice Immersion

If you didn’t think Skydance Interactive could make the newest zombie VR game, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, any more tense and creepy, think again. With the latest hotfix that went live yesterday, you can now toggle on voice immersion. This means that each time you mistake a mouse or the dust particles that dance across your peripheral vision for a zombie and scream, the real zombies and gang members will hear you. According the official release, WinMR and 3rd party mics are not supported on the current build.

In addition to this, the much asked for physical crouch option is on by default without any tinkering in your windows settings. This crouch mechanic is in beta form but it seems to work just fine. You can still use the button to crouch if you like, but now we all have the option to use them both on the fly. They’ve added a bunch of quality of life improvements as well. Here are the official Steam patch release notes.

Additions/Improvements: Physical Crouch (Beta) now on by default! Crouch with your body or button at any time. Recent fixes: Reduced the radius when checking to avoid many cases of small overhangs causing a full crouch

  • “Feeling Taller/Shorter” after exiting a crawlspace – Made some adjustments to help maintain consistent height
  • Improved the camera height change when entering “full crouch” from physical crouch* Added base 20% deadzone to left motion controller thumbstick axis
  • Make sure to double check your custom deadzone adjustments now that this is in
  • Added “Disable All Vignettes” to the Options Menu
  • Added Option to Adjust the angle on Primary Grip
  • Added brightness slider in video settings
  • After placing an item in your Backpack, it should now open to that page
  • Various Performance optimizations

Bug Fixes: Chaperone should now appear correctly Known Issues: Hybrid seated/standing play mode will sometimes show only the floor outline.* Progression break – If the player walked away during the conversation with Man on the Radio during “The Kindness of Strangers” and “When the Levee Breaks…” questlines

  • Progression break – Fix for Intel cache quest “Tomb and the Tower V”, in Mansion becoming unavailable if you leave without the Intel
  • Nausea Vignette should now vanish at Zero velocity and/or zero setting
  • Gunsmith Upgrade properly applies increased damage dealt to enemies
  • “For Whom the Bell Tolls” Achievement should now unlock properly
  • “Maybe You’ve Heard of Me” Achievement should now unlock properly
  • Musical Game Score should no longer play after completing the game
  • Man on the Radio should no longer call on the radio after completing the game
  • In some instances NPCs didn’t fire when they should have, now they should, careful!
  • Fixed an issue with non-ANSI Window usernames, that prevented bindings and other files to not be read correctly
  • Vive – Fixed Crouch hint to say “Up” instead of “Down”
  • Various Crash fixes

Polish:* Some animation and art polish touches

Hacks:* More GameUserSettings.ini options you may find useful:

  • bDisablePhysicalCrouching = True (if you prefer the old crouch. If you do this, please let us know what’s not working for you.) VoiceImmersionThresholdScale (to tune mic pickup level for Voice Immersion.) bMicEnabled = False (to disable all microphone features. Good for noisy environments and some streamers may prefer this.)

Oh.. and one more thing: Voice Immersion There’s a menu option to enable it. Try it.* Known issues: Rift, RIftS, Vive, Index supported. WinMR and 3rd party mic not supported in this build

This is an impressive amount of fixes in a short amount of time for a game that was already great. Definitely check this game out if you haven’t already.

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