Out Today: Rhythm Shooter Audica Fires Away on Oculus Quest

Famed developer Harmonix brought Audica to PC VR early access and the PSVR last year, but the wireless Quest version took some time. Thankfully, after a short delay, it’s releasing today on the Quest with cross-buy support on the Rift. Hopefully, you picked up a copy on the Rift when it was at it’s discounted early access price, but if not, you’ll probably find it worth your money if rhythm games are your cup of tea.

The game features a decent amount of tracks out of the box, but like most recent VR rhythm games, they skew towards the techno and pop music genre. The PC VR and PSVR versions currently feature plenty of DLC if you don’t mind dropping a few extra bucks and there is no reason to believe those tracks, including hits from Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande, won’t be available on the Quest as well. I personally enjoyed the PC VR version of the game and I’m looking forward to trying it out wirelessly. Check back in with us soon for our review of the Quest version of the game.

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