Retro Brawler Path of The Warrior Gets Promised Multiplayer

It’s been a month since developer Twisted Pixel released Path of the Warrior during The Game Awards. If you missed it, it featured a cool first-person VR reimagining of an old side-scrolling beat-em-up like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. I played the heck out of it when it dropped and you can check out my thoughts here. The gameplay was fun and it had a ton of style, but it was missing one of the biggest components of the genre: co-op gameplay. That changed today with the release of the promised (and free!) multiplayer DLC .

You no longer have to walk the streets alone, kicking and punching the bad guys. Now you can do it with a friend from your friend list or a random stranger you just met on the internet like you always dreamed. In addition to the game being a cross-buy title, it’s also cross-platform, meaning Quest players and Rift players can play together. This, of course, is crucial when building a player base with a multiplayer component, especially an Oculus exclusive. Nobody knows if the new multiplayer aspect of The Path of the Warrior will take off, but if you’re were looking for a reason to jump back into the game, this is the reason.


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