Rec Room Oculus Quest Update Brings Laser Tag and Creation Tool Updates

Rec Room is a fantastic free-to-play game available on Oculus Quest, though it’s lacking in features compared to the PSVR and PC editions. That gap in what’s available has a closed a little bit with the latest Rec Room update, though, and it’s an update worth having a look at.

The latest Rec Room update for Oculus Quest has added Laser Tag game modes, all completely free of charge. You’ll be able to play Laser Tag in two maps, with possibility for more maps in the future.

As well as the Laser Tag update, Rec Room on Oculus Quest has also had its creation tools updated with new features and bug fixes to make the experience more enjoyable. I won’t waffle on about it; you can read the full patch notes down below, courtesy of the game’s developer:

  • Quest players can now play both Laser Tag maps (“Hangar” and “CyberJunk City”)

  • Quest players can now visit The Park (and all custom rooms build on top that base room)

Creation tool updates:

  • You can now use the Maker Pen Manipulate tool on any volume (e.g., Trigger Volumes, Bounce Pads, etc.). This means you can finally adjust them after creation!

  • There’s a new Toggle Button dynamic prop. This is like the existing button, but it has two states (on/off). Use it with Circuits to create interesting behaviors. This button can be toggled by projectiles! Find the new button in the Maker Pen Palette under “Dynamic Props”.

  • The LookAt Gizmo can look at players (by specifying a role), and you can tell it to look at specific body parts (head, either hand).

  • If you have a password set, you can now change it directly in the app. Go to Watch > Profile and hit the button!

  • Fixed a bug where watch notification sounds weren’t playing correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t interact with the scoreboard in the watch.

  • Added a “head bob” slider to screens platforms. This is to improve comfort for some players. Find it in Watch > Settings.

  • Fixed a bug with the golf shirt poking through the shoulders.

  • Fixed a bug with laser tag pistol and shotgun not rendering correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where normals were rendering incorrectly on your left hand.

  • Fixed an issue with audio being set incorrectly for the new “Fancy Bubble” item.

Source: Reddit

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