Pure PSVR Plays: Week 12

Friday is finally here, people, and it’s time for you all to let us know what gaming misadventures you have planned for the weekend. For me, it’s about avoiding all of the ice and snow that is currently slamming my neighborhood. If only there was some sort of alternate reality I could slip into…

Jeremy Peterson

I want to try out the new multiplayer DLC for Path of the Warrior, but after another bout of Thrill of the Fight last night, it hurts too much to lift my arms let alone throw a punch. I’ll definitely make time for Onward VR, and maybe some online fun with Pavlov Shack on the Quest. Before the weekend is out, I’ll probably play a couple of rounds of 2MD VR Football Unleashed as well, ’cause I just can’t seem to quit that game.

Christopher Harding

I’ve not got a solid gaming plan laid out for this weekend, purely because I rarely have so much time free on a weekend, but I’ll definitely be getting back into my VR with Onward VR, Pavlov: Shack, and Eclipse: Edge of Light, with the latter being an upcoming PSVR review. I’ve got Black Flag to play on my Nintendo Switch, too, so when I want some quiet time to myself, I’ll dive under the covers and take a ride on Edward’s ship. Ooooooo sailor!


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