Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Oculus Quest Release Planned for Next Week, Will Be “One of the Best Versions”

Maze Theory’s Doctor Who: The Edge of Time has still not found its way to the Oculus Quest yet, but the wait is almost over for Oculus Quest Whovians.

Writing on Twitter, Maze Theory stated that Doctor Who: The Edge of Time was still on track for a January 23rd release on the Oculus Quest, and that it’ll be one of the best versions of the game. This is due to it being untethered and allowing free movement within the game world, as well as the game benefiting from all of the recent updates the developer has pushed out for other platforms.

I really enjoyed Doctor Who: The Edge of Time on PlayStation VR, but the teleportation-based movement system was a pain in the neck to contend with, so perhaps I’ll give it another go on the Quest when it releases next week.

For Valve Index users, January 23rd is also an important date, as Maze Theory has said that the Valve Index update should release on the same day. Maze Theory is still working with Valve Index users to work through any issues, so the release date for the Valve Index update could potentially move a little bit.

Source: Twitter

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