Oculus Quest Deal: Dance Central is Your Deal of the Day – December 24th

You’ll have no doubt already made a start on the mince pies, chocolate logs, and all the other treats that litter the house around Christmas time, so it’s a good idea to get your belly moving before the treats settle in all the wrong places. To help you get moving this Christmas, Oculus is running a Deal of the Day promotion on Oculus Quest, and today’s deal will surely get your bum off the sofa.

Today’s deal is Dance Central for Oculus Quest, and it’s 25% off the regular selling price. Not a bad deal and not a bad game, either. I’ve spent far more time playing the demo than I would care to admit, so I reckon I’ll be getting the full version myself. It’s silly fun and perfect if you’ve got family over for the Christmas holidays. Cast the Quest’s screen to your TV and you’ve got the makings of a fun afternoon. Who doesn’t want to see Granny throwing big shapes in the living room?

You’ve got another 17 hours or so to take advantage of this deal, so move quick if you want it. Oh, and it’s a cross-buy game, too, so you’ll get the PC version. Why you’d want to tether yourself to your PC is a mystery to me, but it’s a nice little extra all the same.

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