Oculus Quest Deal: The Thrill of The Fight is Your Deal of the Day – December 23rd

Christmas time means lots of food, lots of drink, and lots of sitting around like a potato. It’s the perfect storm to ruin that summer bod you worked so hard for just a few months earlier. I should know. I’m fat now, and I’ll be dressing as Santa for the neighbour kids this year.

You can fight the flab, though, by keeping active over the festive period. To help us all in our quest for quads, Oculus is running a Deal of the Day promotion and today’s deal is the brilliant boxing game The Thrill of the Fight.

You can pick up The Thrill of the Fight for just $6.99 today, and what’s more is that’s it’s a cross-buy game, meaning you’ll get the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift versions of the game for one price. However, I’d argue the Rift version is redundant if you’re an Oculus Quest owner; being able to run around your play space without wires is a big plus, and it’s the reason I’ve only had one bout while attached to my PC tower.

I reviewed The Thrill of the Fight earlier this year, and even though it caused me to put my back out for a week, I loved it. Just remember to do some stretches and warm-ups before you step into the ring and you’ll be OK. Don’t overdo it; Christmas is no fun if you’re crying on the sofa because you got your arse kicked in VR…

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