Winter Lodge Home Environment Available Now on Oculus Quest

There’s a brand new home environment available for the Oculus Quest today, and it’s perfect for getting into the festive spirit. The new home environment is the Winter Lodge, and as expected, it’s completely free.

It’s only a small 37MB download, so it won’t take much of your precious onboard memory. Like other Oculus Quest home environments, you aren’t able to wander around, but it’s still a nice feature nonetheless.

I’d love to be at an actual winter lodge at this time of year, surrounded by fluffy snow while a fire spits and pops in the corner. Unfortunately, it’s not possible (this year!) so I’ll make do with a few moments of peace with this lovely Winter Lodge home environment, as I suspect many others will, too.

I’ve recorded a quick video to give you a look at the Winter Lodge home environment, but the best way to see what it looks like is to just download it for yourself.

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