Oculus Quest Deal: Polyarc’s Moss is Deal of the Day – December 22nd, 2019

One gripe that many Oculus Quest users have had is that games for the standalone headset rarely go on sale. We only recently got some sales during Black Friday, but even then they were mostly bundles that were still a big financial commitment.

Things are changing, slowly, and Oculus is starting to deploy a Deal of the Day feature for the Quest, much like its PC counterpart the Oculus Rift. On PC there’s a new deal every day, and now it looks like we’re getting similar treatment for the Oculus Quest.

Today’s Deal of the Day is the fantastic adventure game Moss by Polyarc. I recently reviewed Moss for Oculus Quest and I came away very impressed. One of my only complaints is that it was a little on the short side and that at full price, it maybe wasn’t the best value for money. Now that it’s 33% off ($19.99) it’s a no-brainer. It’s a relaxed adventure game with nice platforming, a lovely story, and some serviceable action.

At the time of writing, you’ve got about 16 hours to get this deal before the next Deal of the Day takes its place. Go, go, go!

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