Pistol Whip’s High Priestess Update Out Now, Adds New Scene and Modifiers

There’s a brand new update available today for Cloudhead Games’ brilliant VR rhythm shooter Pistol Whip. The new update brings the game up to version, and it brings a new scene for players to duck, dodge, and, er, pistol whip.

The new update adds the High Priestess level to the game for free. No pennies required. All you need is the game in your library and the update and its free DLC is yours.

There’s more than just a new level. The update brings some changes to the game’s modifiers. Deadeye and Dualwield have both been tweaked, with the Dual Wield modifier normally takes 25% off of your total score, but it has now been changed to just 10%, meaning scores will not take such a considerable hit when playing with two guns instead of one.

Pistol Whip released on PCVR and Oculus Quest this November to high scores from critics, including our very own Jeremy. He said in his review that “like any good action rhythm game, they are fun to play, but none of them make you feel cooler than Pistol Whip. It’s going to need some new songs soon, and a little music diversity would be nice, but the core game is something everyone should try.”


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