Bigscreen App Adds Paid Movies and Cinema-Style Scheduling

The latest update to the popular Bigscreen app brings paid movies to the platform, and cinema-style viewing schedules.

Bigscreen is essentially a video-player app that lets you sit in different environments and watch whatever content is being streamed by other users, or whatever you want to stream yourself. There are also channels where older movies and TV shows are shown for free by Bigscreen in partnership with the applicable rights holders.

Up until now, Bigscreen has been entirely free, though some of the aforementioned movies and TV shows did feature commercials throughout their running time. A fair price for a free movie, though, and I never minded during my binge of the older James Bond movies.

The new update, however, brings the chance for users to spend some actual money on virtual tickets to watch movies.

Bigscreen is partnering up with Paramount to bring select films to the service, though they won’t be free. You’ll have to be around $3.99/3.99€ – $4.99/4.99€ for a movie ticket, and then you’ll have to redeem that ticket at a time of your choosing. Here’s the kicker. Once you choose a movie and the showing that you want to watch, you’re locked in and can’t back out. If your power cuts out midway through the film and you miss the rest of it, tough titty.

The upside is that the movies being shown will be in pristine quality and some of them will even be in 3D – an effect that works really well in VR.

That being said, I can’t see myself paying for something I’ve previously used for free. There are always movies being shown by other users, and they cost nothing. It’s also worth pointing out that the movies being shown aren’t recent releases, but older titles that are possibly already available on streaming services, and even cheaper to own via those services.

It’s an interesting direction, sure, but unless it can bring the latest movies to a virtual screen, I don’t think I’ll be bothering with it. Besides, I live in a house of three. If I rent a movie, it’d be a dick move to keep that to myself and not share it.

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