There’s a cheeky little Christmas present for Oculus Quest users today, and it’s Pavlov: Shack. The game, which was originally set to release officially today, has been released by the game’s developer for free. However, it’s not the official release but is instead a soft-launch ahead of the game’s full release next year.

To play Pavlov: Shack on your Oculus Quest, you’ll need to put your headset into developer mode. You’ll also need to download the latest build of the game, Build 22. According to the game’s developer, this will be the last build of 2019, so you can download it safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to play for a couple of weeks without there being any major changes requiring a new download.

You can download the latest build here, and it comes in at around 850Mb, so it won’t be taking up too much space.