Metro VR Studios, a Boston-based start-up and independent virtual reality (VR) video game development company, announces it’s ready to deliver to avid gamers what they crave: next-generation VR action and adventure games that are fully immersive and told through compelling storylines. Starting with the February 2020 release of the company’s first game, Orion13, VR gamers will experience open-world locomotion and realistically-articulated virtual body features that give the player a fluid, fast-paced, first-person, action-filled VR experience, all set to an original soundtrack.

Orion13 is a fast-paced, intense, in-your-face VR hack-and-slash game developed by MetroVR Studios. You are Orion13, a newly self-aware combat robot who believes her memory implants are her own… and you just want to go home. Fight your way through a futuristic robot society using swords, stuns, and shields with a host of colorful friends and foes. The first release from MetroVR Studios, an independent virtual reality development company with vision, heart, and a complete lack of fear. Not for the faint of heart.

Game Features:

  • Open locomotion with no restrictions or training wheels!

  • Fast-paced combat that doesn’t tie you down

  • Full body first person inverse kinematics

  • Interactive inventory

  • Complete story to add to the adventure

  • Interactive puzzles

  • Original soundtrack

Scott Matalon, founder and president, MVRS, said, “We’ve set out to push the user experience by creating an immersive VR game that plays like a movie and feels like you’re the main character on a spectacular adventure. What sets our games apart is that we put gamers into a realistically-articulated VR body that moves quickly and fights furiously through an intricate series of levels combined with hands-in-game interactivity and complex puzzling.”

Brian Levine, executive vice president, MVRS, “Our games are for gamers. They’re for the other ten million Scotts out there who, like Scott, are looking to play a next-generation VR action and adventure game that has a deep story but is also full of Easter eggs and humor. The only difference between Scott and other gamers—when Scott couldn’t find VR games he wanted to play, he designed and programmed one himself.”

MVRS is made up of an eclectic group of friends who all share a passion for entrepreneurship, and for making a splash as the small fish in a big pond. In the late 90s, the trio disrupted the online e-commerce industry. In December 2016, they once again banded together to create an independent studio more in-tune with what hard-core VR gamers want.

  • Scott Matalon, founder and president, MVRS, is the driving force behind Metro VR Studios. He programs, directs and designs the games. With a background as diverse as his role, Scott previously developed Web/E-compresences for top-tier media & entertainment brands, including Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, U2, Phish, SONY and AOL Canada. Scott was also the designer of shopping portal, which received two International Patents for e-commerce Shopping Carts and Electronic Coupons.  He is also the founder of Stingray Body Art, the leading and most successful tattoo & body modification shop in New England, as well as Stumpworld Systems – a technology company specializing in re-engineering clients’ business into the online medium.
  • Michael Clebnik, CEO and co-founder, MVRS, is a serial entrepreneur who founded several companies including American Fantasy Sports, the first short-duration fantasy sport contest platform;, the country’s largest free-to-play poker portal; and Stumpworld Systems. After striking partnerships with NBC Sports, Miller Brewing, UFC and WWE, he sold to Zen Gaming in 2010. Michael is also the architect of – a $35 million B2B portal in the premises security industry.
  • Brian Levine, executive vice president, MVRS, also brings a highly diversified background to the MVRS team. Brian has served as CME, CEO and COO of numerous companies, both private and public, in the cleantech, e-commerce, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution industries. He was the original investor partner for Stumpworld Systems and an instrumental actor in its 2001 merger and acquisition with Surefire Commerce.

Aside from gameplay, another critical way MVRS is differentiating itself from AAA publishers and others is by releasing games in quick succession. Gamers won’t wait years between titles. Orion13, which is stylized like Bladerunner, set in a futuristic world ruled by robots, where buildings and landscapes are saturated in neon colors, is part of a planned trilogy. Additionally, MVRS has two other games well into development: Quest of the Pirate King and Kid Air Combat.

MVRS is one of a limited number of independent studios selected to participate for each of Sony, Microsoft, and Oculus VR developer programs. MVRS has worked closely with the Oculus Start development team and will initially offer its game on the Steam and Oculus Store portals. Orion13 is scheduled for release in Feb. 2020 and will be available for the HTC and Oculus headsets.