Pure PSVR Plays: Week 9

It’s Friday night and that’s alright by me. I’ve got fresh batteries in my Touch controllers and 48 hours to kill as many bad guys in Onward VR as I can, plus whatever those creepy things are in Boneworks that bleed the orange blood. But enough about us, how about you lovely folks? The work is done, the school is behind you, nothing but blue skies ahead. Let us know what you’ll be playing this weekend.

Jeremy Peterson

It’s an embarrassment of gaming riches for me right now. I just signed up for Viveport Infinity so I’m making my way through the good and trying to avoid most of the bad. There are quite a few of the latter, but with over 300 free games, there were bound to be a few stinkers. When I’m not sifting through that service, I’ll be making my way through the craziness that is Boneworks. I’m not sure there is a game that brings out more of my bad side, and I kind of love it. But the real highlight for me this weekend will be reenacting that scene in Army of Two with Chris where we go back to back while killing all of the bad guys in Onward VR.

Chris Harding

This weekend I’ll be fighting many battles, the biggest being the damned seasonal flu. If I can stop hacking my lungs up long enough to shout “Jez, bad guys are coming!” I’ll be sinking some time into the fantastic Onward VR on PC, which has quickly replaced Firewall as our go-to VR shooter. It’s a shame, but Firewall has fallen behind due to a lack of care, and it’s not easy to get that trust back. Maybe we need to go on Jerry Springer to sort it out. I’m still a few in the hole when it comes to reviews for Pure PSVR and our sister site, Pure PlayStation, so I’ll be spending some time hammering away at my keyboard, trying to make words into sentences that make sense.

Seriously, folks. Let us know what’s happening this weekend. What games are you playing, and what kinda trouble are you causing? If you don’t want to do that, at least make fun of what we’re playing. Chris is kind of sensitive, but I can take it.

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