Rumour: Left 4 Dead 3 is a VR Only Game, Could Be Announced at The Game Awards 2019

After the recent announcement of Half-Life: Alyx for VR headsets, one would think that Valve had nothing left in the tank. That may not be the case, though, according to a new rumour today from Valve News Network, a reputable publication that covers everything related to Valve.

According to VNN, new strings of code have recently been added to other Valve games, and it’s these pieces of code that hint towards VR being a feature in a new instalment in the Left 4 Dead series.

It has long been rumoured that Valve has been working on Left 4 Dead 3, with various leaks over the last few years, though no official announcement from Valve itself. The series’ original developer, Turtle Rock Studios, has since moved away from the popular co-op zombie shooter and is now working on its own zombie game.

Could Left 4 Dead 3 be a VR-only game? Possibly, according to VNN. The announcement of Half-Life: Alyx as a VR-exclusive hasn’t sat well with everybody. For one, you’ll need to have a VR headset, which isn’t cheap, though prices are coming down and there are usually some good offers to be had. The idea behind the announcement, at least as I see it, is to push headsets to more players to get more potential VR game customers. Despite Half-Life being revered by PC gamers, not everybody holds it in such high regard. This may be paramount to blasphemy, but I’ve never really played the Half-Life games, so such an announcement wouldn’t have pushed me to buy a PCVR headset if I didn’t already own one. Left 4 Dead, however, has a broader appeal. Left 4 Dead 2 released November 17th, 2009 to critical acclaim. It’s still being played to this day on PC and even Xbox One via backwards compatibility. It could be the game that brings in those who aren’t interested in Half-Life. I know that if I didn’t have a PCVR headset and a new Left 4 Dead was announced for VR, I’d have a headset the next day.

The Game Awards is just a few days away, and there have been big hints that we’ll see some surprising announcements during the show. It’s possible, then, that 10 years after the release of Left 4 Dead 2, Valve could blow our brains away with a Left 4 Dead VR announcement. We’ll see.

Source: VNN

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