Viveport Now Supports Oculus Quest, But Also Causes Three White Dots of Doom Error – Here’s How to Fix It

Viveport Infinity, the fantastic value subscription service for VR games on PC, now supports Oculus Quest. Kind of. It works, but it’s not perfect and it may cause you some headaches.

First, let’s go through the good stuff. With Viveport Infinity you get access to hundreds of Oculus-compatible VR games. There are some big hitters in the subscription, too, like SuperHot VR, Sairento VR, and Arizona Sunshine, to name but a few. Of course, some are duds that you’ll try once and never touch again, but there’s enough included in the monthly price to make it worthwhile. And if you’re a new Oculus Quest owner – or any PCVR headset owner, for that matter – it’s a great way to jump into a heap of new games and experiences without breaking the bank.

The pricing varies by region, but you can expect to pay around £12.99/$14.99 per-month for access to the library of games. You also get a free 14-day trial if you’re a new subscriber, so if you find yourself not really enjoying it (how?!?!) then you can duck out before the free trial ends and not lose any money.

Now, onto the annoying part. This is something that has had me pulling my hair out of my head this evening. If you’re having a problem connecting your Oculus Quest to your PC via Oculus Link, Viveport Infinity may be the problem. Before I downloaded and installed Viveport Infinity on my PC, connection problems were non-existent for me. However, after installing the Viveport Infinity program, I was no longer able to connect my Oculus Quest to my PC. Instead of sticking the cable into my Oculus Quest and then going to the Oculus Home menu, I’d be stuck staring at three white dots. I tried everything. I rebooted my PC. I rebooted my headset. I rebooted them both at the same time with the cable connected, and again with the cable not connected. Nothing helped and I was still stuck watching those three white dots when I should have been fighting for my life in Onward VR. The fix? It’s really simple, actually, and I’m annoyed it took me so long to figure it out.

If you’re having problems after downloading Viveport Infinity, try the following:

Open the Viveport Infinity program on your PC.

Click your avatar picture on the top right.

Navigate to ‘Settings’ and click it.

Uncheck ‘Open at startup’ box within the settings.

Connect your Oculus Quest to your PC and run Viveport Infinity via the Oculus virtual desktop.

Enjoy your subscription, and buy me a whiskey if we ever cross paths. You’re welcome.

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