2MD: VR Football Unleashed Coming to Oculus Quest in January

Developer Truant Pixel announced today that 2MD VR Football Unleashed will be coming to the Oculus Quest this coming January. I reached out to the developers a month ago asking this question, and while they couldn’t confirm it at the time, they did say they were “working on an idea.” I was hoping this was that “idea” as 2MD VR Football should be a perfect match on the wireless Quest.

If you haven’t played it, 2MD VR Football focuses on one of the most exciting elements of American football, the 2-minute drill (hence the name 2MD). As a fan of football, there is a lot to love about this game: most notably the throwing motion is the best I’ve tried in VR, you can draw up your own plays, the defense plays smart and gets better with each game. I could go on.

In the new announcement trailer, you can see they have added some new mini-games, along with a decent amount of polish. It also comes with a new name: 2MD VR Football Unleashed.

We don’t have an exact release date at this time, but it is expected in January of 2020. Just in time for the NFL playoffs. Being able to take this game outside and play untethered has me giddy with excitement. It’s the perfect gift for a gamer who has everything, except enough friends to play a real game of football.

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