Rhythm Shooter Pistol Whip Gets First Free DLC

According to this year’s UploadVR’s Holiday VR Showcase, Pistol Whip, one of our favorite new VR games, is getting some fresh new DLC. If you haven’t played Pistol Whip, what have you been doing? Read my review here if you’re interested or just go pick up the game. It’s good, I promise. One of the few negatives I had with the game was that it dropped with only 10 songs, or as the game calls them, “scenes”. That’s going to change on December 19.

According to Daniel Taylor, designer/mapper for Cloudhead Games, High Priestess will be the first new song for Pistol Whip. Daniel suggests the inspiration for the High Priestess scene is from the Korean movie Oldboy. If it’s anything like the movie, prepare to wield that pistol like a hammer and “pistol whip” polygons until your arm falls off.

In addition to the new scene, the team at Cloudhead Games is also working on new modifiers. The free update launches on December 19. Did I mention it was free?

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