The Climb Gets a Quest Release Date and Gameplay Trailer

The acclaimed PCVR rock-climbing simulator is actually coming to the Oculus Quest. Despite only silence from the team at Crytek following the announcement that The Climb would be ported to the Quest way back at Oculus Connect 5 in 2018, we’ve remained hopeful. Following the “coming soon” post on The Climb Facebook page just last week, today we got an actual release date. Quest owners can start Climbing December 3rd.

In addition to the release date, we also got a short trailer featuring gameplay from the Quest version. The original version of the game debuted way back in 2016 and it’s still one of the most visually impressive games on the market. It was a question at how those impressive graphics would translate to the wireless Quest, but if the trailer is any indication, the team did a fantastic job porting it over. The textures are not nearly as sharp or as full of detail, but the draw distance still looks quite good. It is obviously a step down visually speaking, but it still looks better then I was expecting. I’m often surprised at how much performance a talented developer can pull out of this little wireless headset.

Although The Climb was rumored to be a cross-buy title, we have no confirmation that that is still true. The long development cycle may indicate that the port was more difficult than originally planned, and not offering a cross-buy would obviously recoup some of that extra expenditure. That’s all speculation of course, and cross-buy is still very much a possibility. We will know more shortly as we are less than a month away from release.

Source: Upload VR

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