The Climb is Still “Coming Soon” To The Oculus Quest

According to a Facebook post today, developer Crytek is still planning on bringing their acclaimed climbing simulator to the Oculus Quest. The Climb, boasting a 4.5-star rating with over 2,000 reviews on the Oculus Store, has been long-rumored as coming to the Quest, even before the Quest was available. The post is only a picture that says that it’s “coming soon” with a picture of the Quest headset, but it proves that the port is still underway and probably suggests that progress is being made.

The Climb brings rock climbing to the safety of your living room. No more broken bones, frostbite, or falling to your death. Yay! Check out the trailer above if you haven’t played the PC version. Obviously, the Quest version will lose some of those amazing visuals, but I’m often surprised at just how much the little wireless headset can pull off, so I’m still looking forward to playing The Climb tetherless. Plus, it’s a cross-buy title so If you’ve already purchased it for the Rift, you’ll get free when it finally arrives on the Quest.

Source: Facebook


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