Pure PSVR Plays: Week 4

Welcome to Pure PSVR Plays: Week 4, where we ramble on about what gaming misadventures we plan to have this weekend. I don’t know about you all, but I plan to have a few adult beverages, sleep in, and play some games. I’ll try to squeeze in a few other things, but we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, there is a big game that just dropped with the guy from that zombie show and some baby. It looks crazy. I might try it out, but not this weekend. This weekend is all about Pistol Whipin’ bad guys like there is no tomorrow.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ve been playing Synth Riders all week and it only gets better the more I play it. I reviewed it this week if you want to know more about it, but basically it’s cheap and fun as hell. I’m also playing a little Blind Spot on the PSVR, but as I said, this weekend is all about the Pistol Whip. It isn’t as instantly accessible and fun as Synth Riders, Beat Saber, or Super Hot, but once you get it, it is addictive and a definite must play.

Christopher Harding

This weekend I have to work the Saturday (bah!) but I’ll be up late playing through some games for reviews here and over at Pure PlayStation. My back is finally healed so I’ll be jumping into the ring in The Thrill of The Fight. I’ve also gotten into this great Beat Saber-style game called Moon River. It can be played via internet browser and it’s basically Beat Saber with thousands of songs and no price. Winning! Outside of VR, I’ve got Northgard to finish, Let’s Sing Country and Let’s Sing 2020. My neighbours will be happy…

It’s just the two of us for now, so that’s it. Let us know what you’re playing in the comments below so we don’t get lonely. Speaking of lonely, if you love VR and conjugating verbs as much as we do, how about joining the team? Drop us a line.

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