Out Today: Kingspray Graffiti Lets You Unleash Your Inner Banksy on Oculus Quest

Do you routinely get nicked by the old bill for doodling on warehouse walls? Do see park walls, bus shelters and public toilets as canvases waiting to be used? King Spray is definitely for you, then, you little criminal.

Kingspray Graffiti is out today on Oculus Quest, though the game initially released back in 2016 for Oculus Rift, where it received great feedback from player and critics alike for its authentic interpretation of graffiti in virtual reality.

Early reviews on the Oculus Store suggest that the Quest port is just as capable, and maybe even more due to being a completely wireless experience on the headset. It’s the full game, too, and not just a watered-down port. The game still has multiplayer support, so up to four players can collaborate and draw great, big, massive peni – no. I’m sure nobody will do that… Probably just me and Jez…


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