Blood & Truth Update Version 1.08 Out Now, Includes New Trophies and Challenges

There’s a brand new update available today for Sony London Studio’s PSVR shooter Blood & Truth. The new update, version 1.08, brings some new challenges and even a few new trophies to hunt down.

The download size isn’t small, mind, and it’ll run you around 2.1 GB of hard drive space. Not terrible, but it could mean a half an hour wait if you’re on the lower end of the broadband spectrum.

The full patch notes can be found down below:

Blood & Truth Update Version 1.08 Patch Notes

  • New Trophies – WE had added a new Trophy pack with 3 new bronze trophies to earn. Can you get them all?
  • 5 New Challenges – We are adding 5 brand new Gun Skill challenges to test your mind as well as your reflexes.
  • Added a fix for some rare instances where the player loses their weapon or will have too many weapons to holster. These issues will no longer block progression and will be fixed after you die/respawn or continue the game from the main menu.


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