Skydance Interactive’s upcoming The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners looks to be the game that Walking Dead fans have been waiting for since forever. It won’t be long until we’re all lobbing zombie heads off and negotiating with other survivors. Some of us may not even do the latter, and that’s perfectly fine according to Skydance Interactive’s Guy Costantini, Vice President of Global Interactive Marketing at Skydance.

Speaking with Tested’s Norman Chan, Costantini spoke openly about how the game is coming together and what players can expect in terms of play length. One concern that has been shared online is that, as a linear, narrative-driven game, Saints & Sinners wouldn’t have much in the way of replayability. That fear can be banished if what Costantini says is true.

“The 15 hours is the main storyline, the game is open-ended after that. You can actually not engage with the storyline and just treat this as a survival game and just go out and see how long you can last,” Costatini stated, following up with “there’s a lot of different ways to play it, and the theme is “tell us who you are”, like, go out, play however you want and see what happens.”

If you’re worried you’ll only get a few hours of fun with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, you can put that one to bed. You’ll get your 15 hours and even more if you keep playing once the story has wrapped. Or, like Costantini says, just ignore the story and do your own thing. I wouldn’t recommend the latter, mind you, as you’ll be missing a massive part of the game.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is set to release on January 23rd, 2020. Which headsets it will be releasing on is still yet to be confirmed, but expect Oculus Rift/S, and HTC Vive headsets as the absolute minimum, perhaps with a PSVR release at a later date. Oculus Quest? Chances are 50/50, I’d say.

Source: Tested

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