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Hello! I’m Chris, the leader of this glorious new website, and it looks like you’ve stumbled upon Pure PSVR. Or are you one of the poor saps I pestered on the bus this morning, urging you to go and visit the latest – and surely one day greatest – virtual reality video game website? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re here and you’ll allow me the chance to explain what Pure PSVR is all about.

If you’ve already got an interest in virtual reality or gaming in general, there’s a chance you’ve come across our work before. We’re not new to this business. Not at all.

Pure PSVR is a spin-off website from the same people that brought you Pure PlayStation – a very popular PlayStation news and reviews website. If you’ve never heard of it before – shame on you – go and check it out. It’s good. I promise.

We’re known for being a little bit different than the norm. We don’t just copy/paste press releases and call it a news article. We read what’s given to us and then we slap our own flavour on it whilst still giving you the facts. We like to have a bit of fun with what we do because what we do is video games. Gaming is fun, and so writing about it should be fun, too, right? And reading about it should be at the very least entertaining. There’s far too much doom, gloom and unnecessary drama in gaming news these days, so we stay away from all that crap and just keep it simple.

About the name… Despite us being a part of Pure Games Media (the corporate overlords that rule our existence) we’re very much our own thing. We don’t have a bias towards one VR platform or another – we’re not here solely to cater to the PlayStation VR crowd. We wanted to go with Pure VR, but some goon is sitting on the domain name and they want thousands for it. Jeff that.

So, after around… 14 minutes of brain-storming, we came up with some new words for the PSVR acronym. The VR part stays the same, duh. So here it is:

Play Some Virtual Reality.

Inventive, no? If you think you can do better, you’re welcome to email the suggestion and receive 1% of all future profits should we use your genius idea.

Stick around, read some of what we write, but most of all… Play Some VR!

I will make that phrase a thing if it’s the last thing I do.

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